From theory to practice: the construction kick-off of the eco-living building

And so begins the demolition!

It’s a Monday morning of a sunny day of September 2019. The construction process of our green building begins with the demolition of the three warehouses that are dated back at the beginning of the century. They will be replaced by our innovative project. Because we have completed all administrative steps required by Milan city council and obtained all necessary authorizations we are ready. Myself and Michele are delighted and happy to see some actions, eventually. We’ve been working hard to start the construction process before winter and we are eager to see things proceeding quickly.

The construction process

The demolition process is a fascinating and exciting activity, indeed. Not so when three out of the four walls of the warehouses are attached to other buildings were other people live-in, though!

evaluating the static of the boundary walls

The classic childish euphoria connected to the act of destroying an object that no longer is of use for anyone (we both share such sentiment), is mitigated by the worry of creating some always possible cracks in the walls of our neighbours. So we have to proceed with great caution.

With a wise use of bulldozers and diamond wire saws that cut the boundary walls, the demolition goes on smoothly till the last brick is on the ground. We therefore happily celebrate the end the process that was a delicate one, indeed.

Bulldozer in action
The construction process
completion of the demolition phase

…and, most importantly, the second phase of the construction can take place: the foundations

It’s now time to start digging the area to prepare the foundations and to build the basement, where we have designed to have the technical rooms for hosting the “house engines”, some private locker rooms for the inhabitants of the compound, and other dedicated rooms for other services. Such process becomes quite complicated as we encounter a period of never-ending days of bad weather that goes on for four weeks in a row…

The construction process

When we start that phase it’s the end of November. The plan is to complete the foundations and basement construction by Christmas, therefore we have to hope the meteo to be merciful with us. Luckily, the weather improves, the rain stops so we can complete the construction of basement and foundations on due time.

Eventually, it’s time to start the third part of the construction, from ground-up, the most interesting and satisfactory part!

We can’t wait!