The state-of-the-art construction process of our green building

When results exceed expectations: in just two weeks the entire building structure has been built It’s mid-January 2020. Our construction site is ready to welcome the partner we have chosen that would build our house with third generation wood panels . The production of the panels had already started on November in the super-modern factory […]

From theory to practice: the construction kick-off of the eco-living building

And so begins the demolition! It’s a Monday morning of a sunny day of September 2019. The construction process of our green building begins with the demolition of the three warehouses that are dated back at the beginning of the century. They will be replaced by our innovative project. Because we have completed all administrative […]

How a sustainability aspiration has evolved into a new concept of urban living.

nuovo modo abitare città

It all started from asking two easy questions In the first months of 2018, when we started thinking about this new idea I asked Michele, my partner, a simple question: “Can we start doing something green and innovative right now?  ” His answer was a resounding “yes we can”. (Michele loves to quote whenever an […]