The state-of-the-art construction process of our green building

When results exceed expectations: in just two weeks the entire building structure has been built

It’s mid-January 2020. Our construction site is ready to welcome the partner we have chosen that would build our house with third generation wood panels . The production of the panels had already started on November in the super-modern factory located in Vipiteno, a nice village surrounded by the beautiful Dolomites, and is now ready to be delivered.

We are excited and curious to watch live this innovative process of building a house with pre-fab walls. On January 20, 2020 the first truck carrying the wood panels arrives on site and, shortly after, the construction of the house takes place begins. It’s a marvelous lego-type flow of activities that piece after piece after piece, in just 2 weeks, sees the building structure of two floors completed, with all internal partitions too! We are amazed and delighted while watching the construction proceeding.

mid January 2020
after the first week…
..and as of March 6 2020

But then, out of the blue, a terrible pandemic erupted…

A totally unexpected visitor, traveling from abroad probably, paid a not requested and unwelcome visit to our region: the Covid-19 virus. To confront it, a general lockdown on all activities was suddenly imposed by our government to contain the menace. In fact, Covid-19 was a serious threat indeed and we had to act promptly. It was mid-March and therefore we (sadly) closed the construction site immediately, with the hope to be able to re-open it soon.

We thought to be a couple of weeks at worst…. we could not imagine such a long period of inactivity! Anyway, on May 4th, after two entire months of lockdown, the construction sites all over the country were authorized to re-open.

We do look forward to re-open, indeed. We’ve been interrupted in this beautiful building process abruptly. But we want to re-start and to enjoy it till its completion.