Frequently Asked Questions

The Concept

What is eco-living? Who can apply?

eco-living is a modern form of urban living where residents, in addition to their private apartment can share other beautifully furnished living areas and a set of interests, values, and intentions. Our value-based rules are those of Sustainability, Wellbeing, Respect, and Independence.

The 13 apartments are composed of 1, 2 or three bedrooms each, and 1, 2 and 3 bathrooms, a kitchen per apartment and some other shared spaces where to relax and liaise with other eco-living mates. 

Everyone aged 18+ can apply.

What about the eco-living community?

Eco-living apartments are devoted to people from all around the world. They are curious and open-minded students or professionals looking for a quality living solution in a peaceful environment in a central area of Milan.

How is the apartment equipped? Do I have to share a bathroom?

The apartments are with 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms, a fully furnished kitchen, a patio or terrace. Each room has a queen size bed, a desk, a desk chair, a dressing/closet area. The kitchens are fully equipped,  with pots, pans, dishwasher, micro-wave and all necessary cutlery. You have just to bring your things. Most of the rooms have an en-suite bathroom. A laundry area, a private storage space, a bike rack and a beautiful courtyard of 300sqm where to relax and socialize is part of the complex.
Out of the 13 apartments of the ecoliving complex,  4 apartments only  have a shared bathroom. However, in those apartments there is a minimum of one bathroom per max 2 people, or 2 bathrooms per 3 people. Please check the apartments page for details.

COVID 19 Update

Our special response to the Covid 19

As a result of the situation, and in case of a new lockdown, we’ll guarantee two important things:

  • You’ll be able to cancel your reservation without costs;
  • You will be entitled to ask for a suspension of the payment of the rent, should you decided to leave the apartment.
What is the current situation?

What is the current situation?

The situation of Covid 19 is evolving rapidly. Milan has removed the total lockdown that stopped most of the usual activities., hence shops, bars, restaurants, museums are now open again. You need a Green Pass to access all those places.

To be fully updated about rules and safe behaviours please visit: or

Are eco-living apartments safe?

Our building and apartments were completed on July 2020. So, they are almost brand new; all apartments and external areas are sanitized whenever necessary and clearly after each rental period.

For this season, it will be possible to rent the entire apartment only, not single rooms. The apartments with 2 or 3 bedrooms, will be made available to pre-formed mini-groups only.  

About your stay - Booking

How can I get an apartment?

First, you have to contact us online by filling the “contact us form”, and express your interest. We’ll get back to you within 24/h for a quick chat and will let you know the availability for the date of your need and the exact price for your apartment or room (that depends on the length of stay and of the size of apartment).

What documents do I need to have handy to reserve the apartment?

You will be asked to send us a photo of your identity card/passport and, if you have one, your Italian fiscal code (codice fiscale). We need these documents to prepare and finalize the rental agreement.
All the information and documents we ask for are required by the Italian State to register your rental agreement.

How do I pay the deposit to reserve my apartment?

To reserve your apartment you will have to pay a deposit by a bank transfer.

The deposit fee to reserve the apartments are:


200 Euro for a Studio

400 Euro for a two bedrooms apt.

600 euro for a 3 bedroms apt.

When you’ll sign the rental agreement, this amount will be subtracted from the total security deposit.

How much does it cost?

Our rent is all-inclusive, meaning that the price we offer for your apartment is the price you pay except for Registration taxes – please read section Legal Admin Taxes. The price depends on the size/number of rooms of each apartment and of the length of your stay (the longer the better). The pricing for a studio start from 850€ /month for a 12 months stay with all included (water, electricity, heating, air conditioning, wifi, weekly cleaning of common spaces, waste management).

What do I need to know about the security deposit?

The security deposit varies according to the duration of the contract, but in no circumstances will it ever exceed three months. We require this to ensure that the room (or apartment) and common parts of the apartment are properly maintained and as surety for any outstanding amounts.
In order to protect the deposit until the end of the contract, it is not possible to pay rent from the deposit, even upon expiry of the contract.
The deposit will be refunded, less any sums used to make good any damage or for unpaid rent, by bank transfer to the account that you provided us when you gave notice of cancellation. The data required to proceed are the following: account beneficiary name, IBAN and, only if you are a foreign citizen, your bank’s SWIFT or BIC

What is included in the rent?
  • fully furnished private apartment (or bedroom in case of share)
  • fully equipped kitchens with pots, pans, dishwasher, micro-wave and all necessary cutlery
  • well-decorated shared spaces with private patio/terraces and 300sqm courtyard
  • all utilities  – water, electricity, heating, air conditioning, wifi,
  • a laundry room with an automatic detergent dispenser- washing and drying are charged on per use basis,
  • a private storage space in the basement
  • a bike rack
  • weekly cleaning of the shared spaces
  • waste management
Do you provide the cleaning of the apartment?

We provide weekly cleaning of all common areas: courtyard, stairs, garbage box, laundry. Should you be interested in arranging a private cleaning of your apartment on a regular basis, we can recommend you some professional services.

How to deal with the check-in/check-out?

The check-in and the check-out are done on the starting day of the rent and on the last day of it.
Please make sure to arrange an appointment for the check-in/check out!

How long can I stay in a eco-living apartment?

The minimum length of a stay is 3 months, however, the most convenient term is 12 months. 
You’ll discuss this during the initial chat with us.

Legal, Administrative, Taxes

Is there any taxes I need to pay?

The Italian law requires that all contracts are to be registered at the Agenzia delle Entrate and that all related costs to be split between landlord (us) and tenant (you).
Such taxes are “Imposta di registro” (registry tax), equal to 2% of annual rent with a minimum of 67 Euro,  to be split 50/50 between Landlord and Tenant and “Imposta di bollo” (stamp duty) equal to 32 Euro due by the Tenant.

Registry Tax, has to be settled every year, while Stamp duty only once, at the Contract Registration at the Agenzia delle Entrate.

In order to simplify your life:
–  we’ll take care of all administrative tasks as a free of charge service
–  we will anticipate on your behalf the taxes that are due by you at first. You’ll find all details on the first invoice you’ll receive.

What documents should I bring for check-in?

If you are an Italian or European citizen, you will need to present the following documents during your check-in:

– Identity document
– Italian Tax ID
– Receipts for all payments required for check-in (security deposit and first instalment)

If you are not sure that your country of origin is part of the Schengen Agreement and want to make sure that you have the necessary documents with you, you can consult the following link:

If you are a citizen from a non-European country or not part of the Schengen Agreement on Free Movement, you will need to submit the following documents:

– Passport
– Visa (where necessary)
– Residence permit or residence permit application
– Italian Tax ID 
– Receipts for all payments required for check-in (commitment deposit, security deposit and first instalment)

What happens if I don't have all the required documents at check-in?

If damage to any objects or parts of the apartment (walls, fixtures, furniture, etc.) is detected during check-out, we will check their extent and together with technical experts assess what to charge for them. The value of the damage will be retained from your deposit. In case of damages in the shared spaces that aren’t responsibilty of the sole housemate the amount necessary for fixing them will be split evenly between the members living in the eco-living bulding.

How do I get my Italian Tax ID number?

The Italian Tax ID is a unique identification code assigned, for tax purposes, to every Italian or foreign citizen and is mandatory in order to rent a room or property.
To obtain your Italian Tax ID, you can choose from the following options:

1- Italian Embassy in your country
You can apply for the Italian Tax ID by going in person to the Italian embassy or by requesting it online on the website of the embassies which provide this service.

2- At the Italian Revenue Agency
You can go to the office of the Italian Revenue Agency nearest you with an identity card/passport and visa/residence permit (if necessary) and apply for it. The document is issued on the spot and is totally free. 

3- You can delegate GIUMI to request it for you
GIUMI will take care of everything using a proxy signed by you at check-in for a supplementary charge of €60.

How do I apply for a residence permit?

A residence permit is required for the signing of leases and subleases to students and workers from outside the EU. If you do not have this, you need to provide a residence permit application when you are checking in so that you can sign the contract. Below you will find all the helpful advice you need for applying for a residence permit.
We recommend that you arrange in advance to ensure that you bring all the necessary documents with you for check-in.

Residence permit application forms can be obtained from post offices by asking at the “SPORTELLO AMICO” counter for a “KIT GIALLO”.
In order to submit the application you will need to take with you:
– Passport (original)
– Visa (original)
– Stamp duty of €16 (which you can buy at any tobacco shop)
– Health insurance (if required by your country of origin)

When will I receive invoices?

You will receive invoices at least 15 days before the starting date of the contract and of each relevant quarter. You will find all the necessary information to make your payment on the invoice.
On each invoice you’ll see a 2 Euro stamp duty required by Italian Law (DM 24.5.2005). The stamp is automatically paid by GIUMI on your behalf and you will therefore see the amount charged on your invoice.

Are there any check-out costs?

– final cleaning cost: € 70/Studio, 100/Duo, 120/Trio
– tax to register the termination of the agreement: € 67
– stamp (marca da bollo): € 2

Can I use my security deposit to pay the final months of my rent?

The security deposit is used to pay for any damage found at check-out as well as any unsettled invoices. It is therefore not possible to use the deposit to pay for the final months of rent.

What happens during check-out?

During check-out, our agent will take pictures to check the condition of the apartment and shared spaces and document any irregularities and record the return of the key. At the end of this process, you will receive a notification informing you about the outcome of your check-out.
To ensure the procedure is quick and does not waste your time, please remove all your belongings from the room/apartment before the agent arrives.

What happens in case of damage?

If damage to any objects or parts of the apartment (walls, fixtures, furniture, etc.) is detected during check-out, we will check their extent and together with technical experts assess what to charge for them. The value of the damage will be retained from your deposit. In case of damages in the shared spaces that aren’t responsibilty of the sole housemate the amount necessary for fixing them will be split evenly between the members living in the eco-living bulding.

General Information

How to deal with an unpleasantness during my stay?

You can contact the community manager that will help you solving the problem, if possible

Can I terminate my lease before its term?

You can notify it directly by sending us an email. We try to be as flexible as possible. However, we generally require a notification term as per the location contract we have signed upon

What’s a community manager?

A community Manager is your reference person/contact point when you need to communicate any problem with the apartment or with other member of the community.

Can I invite a friend to stay with me?

Yes, as long as your housemates agree with it, but not on a permanent basis. Sub-lease is strictly forbidden.

May I smoke in the eco-living apartment?

No, our apartments are smoke free areas. There are plenty of outdoor areas to do it.

Are families allowed?

Not really. The eco-living Navigli apts were not designed to welcome families, sorry!

Are pets allowed?

Even though we love animals, pets are not allowed.

Are there parking accommodations?

Not for cars or motorbikes. Yes for bikes, there’s a rack for them.

Is there a curfew?

We don’t impose any curfew on our homes, but we count on our members to respect the tenants and neighbours. Respect is one of our core values.

What do I need for living in the house?

We will make sure that the only thing you need to be concerned about is how to enjoy living in your new home. That’s why our apartments are fully furnished and equipped with everything you need, both for cooking (pots and pans, drinking glasses, cutlery, etc.) and for washing (cleaning kit, dishwasher, etc.). Hangers, curtains, chair and desk also come as standard in the room.

Just remember to bring your sheets, and towels with you.

Alternatively, you can buy the new Bedroom and Bathroom packages we have prepared for you.

How does domestic waste recycling work?

We at eco-living are very sensitive environmental protection issues and so, after your check-in, we will send you an email summary about waste collection procedures. We ask all our tenants to take the utmost care in carrying out recycling correctly (paper, glass, plastic, organic, not recyclable …) to the waste trunks in the basement and to keep the apartment, patios, terraces and courtyards clear of waste or refuse.
The correct sorting and disposal of waste is mandatory and imposed by Italian national and/or local authority laws. Not following the procedures correctly could result in a fine issued by the municipality.