Eco-living 1st year of activity

A community of people sharing the values of Respect and Sustainability has been formed

All available apartments were filled since day one of the opening (on September 15th2020).

A quite surprising success, given the year of worldwide pandemic!

Twenty-four people from 10 countries and 3 continents have lived now an entire year @ eco-living. A great mix of cultures, languages, habits. A mix of quite various interests/universities too: from Bocconi to Politecnico, from Naba to Cattolica, from Instituto Marangoni to a Music Institute.

Girls and boys from France, Germany, UK, Norway, US, Mexico, Italy, Thailand, Belgium, Paraguay, sharing our idea of Sustainability & Respect, in a compound with a mix of private apartments and co-living areas.

community sharing values of respect and sustainability

After the first six months of community living, a satisfaction Survey was conducted to collect and analyze the first impressions of the tenants. The feed-back was very positive, so we were very pleased.

We have also received a message from Catherine, a 26 y.o. lady from Texas that lived @eco-living for 10 months while attending an MBA @ Bocconi that we’d like to share:

Moving to Milan knowing no one, it was nice to enter a welcoming community of people. All eco-livers were beyond “neighborly,” and I feel as though I have formed new friendships with each one.”

While we designed eco-living we had in mind precisely that goal: create an environment in which well-being and respect for others and for the environment favor the creation of a multicultural community.

A place for open minded, respectful and easy-going people that understand the advantages of sharing with others their time/space/thoughts and enjoy doing it.